Annual Awards Evening

We celebrated our Annual Awards Evening at Falkirk High School on Friday 2nd June where we had a great turnout of boys, officers, parents and families to celebrate the many success and achievements of our members throughout session 2022/23.

Following the premiere of our 2022/23 video (below), the boys were presented with the badges and awards they have earned this year.

Some of the highlights included:

Anchor Boys:

The Anchor Shield – Craig Sheppard
8 boys promoted to the Junior Section

Junior Section:

Sir William Alexander Smith Shield – Ross Hamilton
4 boys promoted to the Company Section

Company Section:

JP Fish Shield – Reece Millar
Peoples Church Shield – Laird Campbell
Iain McNab Shield – Adam Gourlay & Aidan Knox

President’s Badge – Charlie Peach

Queen’s Badge – Adam Gourlay & Aidan Knox

Congratulations to everyone who was presented with an award!